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[AERO SWIM SHORTS] Syoji Mizoguchi
(Male, age 47)

Last year, I pulled my Achilles’ tendon and now am getting better being able to restart my training. But my left foot was not stable yet when I kick in swim or run. So, I decided to get TETSUJIN®DAMASHII AERO SWIM SHORTS and started to work on the issue.

It offers many advantages that

1.You can wear it in the pool without any discomfort.
2.You can use it for long hours.
3.You can keep optimal streamline.
4.It allows your lower body to be stable.
5.You can have stable rolling when swimming.
6.It makes you swim faster for sure.

This is the perfect item for athletes with leg injury or backache, and also for anyone whose back goes down in the water easily or who is bad at kicking.
As I swim with the pants, my swim time began to quicken each and every time.
It is my best training item ever.
I will demonstrate its advantages in the coming race soon.

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Wetsuit type:[2-PIECE WETSUIT] Tadahiro Saito
( Male, age 30)

I wanted to raise the level of my swim and improve my training this year, so I decided to purchase TETSUJIN DAMASHII®TRIATHLON WETSUITS. It is very elastic and so comfortable to swim, I successfully shortened my swim time over 8minites at this race of Ishigakijima held in last April.
This wetsuit is also easy to move my body and I felt so light. Moreover, in the race of Sado which is my first long-distance, I was quite confident and finished the race thanks to this wetsuit.

If I hadn’t had this wetsuit at that time, I think I wouldn’t have been able to finish the race. So, it was that important to me.
Besides, I love the naming "TETSUJIN DAMASHII" (means "soul of Ironman"). It makes me get up and do my best and is the best wetsuit ever!!

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Wetsuit type:[2-PIECE WETSUIT] Takao Sumida
( Male, age 49)

I was thinking about purchasing a new wetsuit, and was wondering if I should get a ready-made or a custom-made. Then, I found TETSUJIN DAMASHII®TRIATHLON WETSUITS, and made an inquiry right away.
They finished making it before STRONGMAN (All Japan Triathlon Miyakojima). I tried it on and found it no stress at all around shoulders, very much comfortable with moderate buoyancy and easy to put on and take off.
I used to wear different brand which was also custom-made, but it was uncomfortable with some parts...
Now I can tell that I was swimming under stress.

Swim is the first event of triathlon. It could give you a serious effect to the next bike and run if you kept swimming under stress.
This year, I participated in 3 competitions (long, middle and short distance), and every one of them, I have shorten my swim time wearing TETSUJIN DAMASHII®TRIATHLON WETSUITS.
With the trusted and secured wetsuit, it was possible for me to try my best and enjoyed it fully. In addition, I also like the design.
One of the top triathletes came to me and said, "Your wetsuit looks very nice and fast!" That also made me go faster.
I’m looking forward to more races coming up next year.

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Wetsuit type:[2-PIECE WETSUIT]
Kae Kuwano (Female)

I’d been wanted to challenge triathlon for long time since I watched STRONGMAN (All Japan Triathlon Miyakojima) on TV. Fortunately, I had the opportunity 3years ago.
I tried the race of Ishigakijima last year, but I had no clue how it was going to be...
I wore this wetsuit that my friend gave me for the swim, and made it through for somehow. However, by the time I finished my swim, there were only a few bikes left including mine...

So I really wanted to finish swim faster than before, my friend recommended me "TETSUJIN DAMASHII®TRIATHLON WETSUITS and I decided to get one for myself.
I got a new nice wetsuit and participated in this short distance race.
I finished my swim and checked out the time, it was 11min. faster than the time I had in the race of Ishigakijima. I was so pleased with myself over it.

Luckily, I got in the race (long distance) this year with the first entry, but I was worried because it was my first long distance race. So I took the class that was held by Mr.Nagata (Natural Energy Inc.). He taught me so nicely and gave me a detailed explanation of it.
Then, in the race, I swam and checked the time as usual, I had unbelievably shortened 16min. than the previous race. I fell off my bike and thought I could do no more, but the next moment I wanted to finish the race so bad. They came up to my mind by turns.
"Anything is possible", Mr.Nagata kept saying it repeatedly in the class.
As he told me, I did not give it up and finally made it to the goal!!

I learned important things as an athlete through this race. It is also important that to know how to train and to have the right equipment as well as to have "never give up"soul.
I will always have the meaning of "TETSUJIN DAMASHII" as it is printed on my wetsuit. And I will also keep on going to the next step "STRONGMAN (All Japan Triathlon Miyakojima)".

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